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Two specialist shipping companies achieved excellent results from their 4-yearly mandatory Energy Savings and Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) audits in 2019. Both Wightlink Ltd, who operate three of the vital five cross Solent ferry routes to and from the Isle of Wight; and Global Marine Systems Ltd (GMG) who have been responsible for laying and servicing intercontinental submarine telecoms cables Worldwide for the past 170 years, were able to demonstrate clearly to C Data’s marine audit team that they had not only achieved good energy savings since ESOS 2015, but were also on track to continue pressing down their use of energy and carbon emissions by introducing new, more efficient ships, ships, equipment and procedures.

Team Leader and Lead Assessor Bob Barnes, accredited by the Energy Institute’s register, assisted by Richard Thorne and Dave Walker, remarked specifically on the staff of both companies, at all levels, ashore and afloat, who had continued to maintain a highly commendable, enthusiastic and very positive attitude to efficient energy use.

Of note were major savings starting to be shown by Wightlink’s introduction of a new ferry, Victoria of Wight, (1) fitted with Wartsila’s integrated diesel electric and battery hybrid propulsion. This was combined with a new BREEAM excellent-rated Portsmouth terminal (2); with double decked terminal (3) having pneumatic berthing to secure ships alongside (4) and reduce turn around time. GMG had fitted automatic fuel flow metering in their CWind crew transfer vessels, (CTVs), having direct online transmission link to GMG’s headquarters in Chelmsford.

Over 90 percent of energy used by both Companies is on ships’ fuel. Wightlink run to scheduled timetables, and Victoria of Wight was found to be using over 15% less fuel than her predecessor between Portsmouth, Gunwharf, and Fishbourne, near Ryde on the Island. However, it is not as easy for GMG’s management to achieve fuel savings with either their cable ships, such as Sovereign (5) or their CTVs such as Artimus, (6). Also, hardly any comparison was possible, as their 2015 ESOS audit had been limited to 3 cable ships, two of which were no longer declared in scope in 2019; and which had excluded onshore buildings’ energy use.

Cable ships are used for both laying new, and repairing existing cables. The latter function is dependent on the very high downtime cost of undersea cable faults, and minimizing the ships’ time to reach them. However, Both Companies were on the ball routinely upgrading systems, and lighting of ships and onshore buildings with LED’s, which showed considerable savings. Wightlink had reduced energy in their six terminals by some 16 percent.

Investment in new and energy efficient ships is both costly and takes time in years to show returns, both financially and in carbon savings. Victoria of Wight took 3 years to build costing £38m. Cable ships are not so easily replaced. They are unique and contain large sized and heavy cable storage and handling equipment, winches and remote operated vehicles (ROVs) for locating and initial recovery of cables mid-ocean. CWind’s modern CTVs have been fitted with BareFleet fully automatic fuel flow metering, with immediate on-line data transmission to GMG’s Ocean House HQ in Chelmsford. In addition, they are introducing CrewSmart management software to improve vessel monitoring and management.  

With their highly experienced track record dating back from the time of the Kyoto Agreement, and 10 years with the Carbon Trust’s consultants network, C Data Marine’s audit team, whose first careers had been in the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary, felt it a great privilege to have been appointed to audit Wightlink and GMG, and came away very impressed with how these specialist shipping companies run their operations. The team are now gearing up to support companies and their financial auditors, who have to comply with the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting system, similar to ESOS, from last April.

C Data Marine Ltd are in Fareham, Hampshire UK, PO15 5TD;, phone +44-(0)1489-558990.

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