Web Application Development

From ship refit management to emergency planning, we’ve been writing web applications for over 15 years. Not only have we written the much praised BCalm and BMaintained web applications, our team of trained and experienced developers are able to deliver bespoke solutions suitable for your company or operation.

BCalm is our Emergency Planning and Crisis Management application.

  • Plan ahead of emergencies by creating scenarios and assigning tasks to teams and their members
  • Test your plans and make sure they are suitable by running demonstrations in “Exercise Mode” and filing reports on them.
  • 24/7 hosting in our secure, protected server room for high availability.

BMaintained is our Maintenance, Repair and Refit Management application.

  • MaintenanceBMaintained provides a platform for the ship’s Officers and Engineers to report work. All jobs can be tracked, so a complete history is automatically compiled.
  • Work PackagesBMaintained uses work packages to assign work to particular personnel, or for a particular event (such as a refit or planned upgrade). These packages can contain either standard tasks, or working tasks. Templates of standard tasks are held for recurring jobs that are then assigned to a working task package as and when they are due. A package containing working tasks has the ability to sign jobs off.
  • Defect Reporting – In order to report defects, all users are able to create new jobs. When a standard user creates a new job it will always be saved into the “unallocated” folder to await approval. A Chief or a Superintendent can then approve the job and allocate it to a work package. If the user is a Chief or Superintendent, then the job can be saved directly into the work package.
  • Job Completion – There are 2 situations that allow jobs to be completed, defined by a settings in the job priorities. For routine maintenance and ongoing repairs, the job priority can be set to “immediate”, allowing for any job with that priority in a working folder to be completed at any time. In the case of projects, the job priority has this setting disabled, which only allows the jobs to be completed once the work package has been finalised and locked.