Phishing Email Warning

Phishing Email Warning

You may or may not have seen in the news recently about a very convincing phishing email scam.

The email contains the usual wording and directions you would expect from a phishing email, such as “you owe us money” and “click on the link to view the invoice”.

What makes this email more convincing than others is that not only does it include your name, but it also includes your postal address in the body of the email. Not only that, but the spelling and grammar is very good for a phishing email.

If you receive this email, under no circumstances should you click on the link. We are hearing reports that it downloads malware, specifically Cryptolocker which will lock all your files, and any files found in network locations. This means files on any company servers that you may be connected to. Simply ignore and delete the email.

Our advice applies in this case as it does in any email you are not sure about – if you are unsure on the legitimacy of any email you receive, delete it. If you are a supported client, you are of course welcome to contact us if you would like us to check the legitimacy of an email you have received.

This is a link to GetSafeOnline which has an image of what this phishing email looks like:

Please pass this email / information on to colleagues.