Meeting Room

Clean Space Meeting Room

C Data Marine have created a 950 sq/ft ground floor meeting room specifically designed to accommodate social distancing. It is suitable for Board Meetings, HR and where small person to person meetings are imperative.

The meeting room can easily accommodate 8 people while maintaining 2 metre distancing before, during, and after your meeting. The room is well lit, with ample amounts of natural light, it is suitable for meetings around the coffee or boardroom table with superfast broadband connection. The room is thoroughly cleaned between each meeting to reduce the risk of COVID 19 transmission, all visitors are requested to check their temperature and sanitize their hands-on entry, facilities are provided for this.

If you have any further needs, we’d be glad to accommodate.

– Tea/Coffee
– WiFi
– Onsite Tech Support
– WiFi Printing
– Projector/Large Screen
– Space for up to 8 guests (more on request)
-Car Parking