Mission Statement

Our Mission

To create economic value for shareholders, customers and staff alike through the provision of Marine Consultancy and Information Technology services.

To accomplish our mission, we will develop strategies that create substantial competitive advantage and we will build an organisation capable of implementing these strategies. Our success will not be a matter of chance, but of commitment to the core values that distinguish us:

Customer Orientation We believe in a collaborative approach in working to deliver on our customers’ needs.

Quality We provide quality in everything we do by seeking continuous improvement.

Information Security We control all data securely with particularly emphasis on Personal Data.

Staff Training We invest in the personal development of all our staff.

Technology We embrace technology to enhance our productivity and effectiveness.

Innovation We take personal initiative for constructive change.

Teamwork We work as teams across functions, businesses and cultures.

Business Ethics We conduct our business with full consideration of our legal, statuary, regulatory, environmental and ethical behaviour, including, but not limited to, Human Rights, Modern Slavery, Child Protection, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Bribery, and Health & Safety.

The Board of Directors 2 June 1996

(Amendment 1 19 December 2007)

(Amendment 2 27 June 2019)

(Amendment 3 31 October 2019)

Annual Policies Review 16 December 2019