Crisis Response & Emergency Planning

BCalm is a web-based application for crisis response and emergency planning, designed for both ship and shore use, in exercise and live situations. BCalm is a hosted software solution based on a simple per ship, per month licensing model and developed from over twenty years’ experience in crisis management around the world.



With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Identification of incidents including ship, location, severity, and recovery status.

Management of multiple incidents both in exercise and/or live.

Preplanned action lists for use on board and ashore.

Integrates with any users email.

Full logging and audit trail for analysis both current and retrospectively.

Multi-station and multi-site capability with individual action checklists.

Offline capability when Internet is unavailable with automatic synchronisation.

Preplanning for crisis scenarios

Create plans and actions for each ship.

Define desks and tasks.

Create users with individual action checklists, plus status.

Preplan tasks that each desk should implement in different scenarios.

Change any prompts, language, icons and logos.

Create a contact list of useful people to be consulted in an emergency.

View action lists of other desks.

Administrator controlled permissions for user access, with each user having login details.

Effective task management

Tasks assignable to any number of desks.

Incident log creation each time a task status is changed.

Ability to add attachments to tasks and emails.

Traffic light system for task status indication.

Offline mode capability

Set up on a server or workstation.

Information access even if no Internet access available.

Automatic synchronisation back to central application when Internet available.

Specialist hosting and support

Hosting and support from C Data Services, experienced in the marine industry.

Regular software updates seamlessly integrated to users.

Continual product development with user input encouraged.