Safety, Maintenance and Refit Tasking

BSmart is an online application for planning, tracking and reporting maintenance tasks onboard all types of vessels. it is a secure cloud-based solution integrating ship and shore use with a simple per ship, per month licensing model that has no limit on the number of users. Written by seagoing officers and ship superintendents for seagoing officers and ship superintendents, BSmart provides a platform for the management of repairs and refit work.



Integrates working procedures of seagoing and shore-based personnel.

Full logging and audit trail for analysis both current and retrospectively.

Templates of standard tasks are held for recurring jobs.

Work packages can be assigned to either personnel or projects.

Packages contain standard tasks or working tasks.

Ability to set job completion according to the type of work package.

Stores requisition lists included, with procurement status.

Offline capability when the internet is unavailable with automatic synchronisation.

Effective Job Tracking

Status of tasks can be monitored by relevant personnel.

Administrator controlled permissions for user access. .

Offline Mode Capability

Set up on a server or workstation.

Automatic synchronisation back to the central application when the internet becomes available. Information access even if no internet access is available. .

Administration Page

The Chief Engineer/Officer or Superintendent can manage all reference data for the system


Equipment codes

Stores status

Job types

Job priorities


Job status




Advanced Features

Trigger function for raising a routine job or indication when a job is due.

Standard tasks can be activated by date, time, equipment running hours, fuel consumption or completion of a previous task.

Ability to set warning periods with reminders.

Project Management

Work packages can be assigned to personnel or used to plan the perform specific projects such as dry docks or system upgrades.

Ability to raise emergent work tasks that need to be done because of the current job or inspection.

The Chief Engineer/Officer or Superintendent can then approve the job and allocate it to a work package.